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United Hospice of Rockland

United Hospice of Rockland (UHR) is a non-profit hospice serving Rockland and lower Orange counties in New York. UHR has been a resource in hospice and palliative care since 1988.

UHR is credited with implementing the first New York-based Advance Directive online storage website called AssuringYourWishes.Org. The organization is also the proud recipient of one of the largest philanthropic donations ever made in Rockland County. Given by Joe and Tess McCormack-Raso in 2006, the gift supports UHR's plans to build a Hospice Home in Rockland County.

Mission United Hospice of Rockland, Inc. (‘UHR’) provides care, hope, comfort and improved quality of life to individuals and their families facing serious illness. They offer compassionate support to members of our community who have experienced the loss of a loved one. UHR leads the health and human services community in improving the provision of care to those affected by serious illness.

Vision United Hospice of Rockland envisions a community in which all individuals and their loved ones facing serious illness retain their dignity and hope while receiving the best care and support that hospice has to offer.

Official United Hospice of Rockland Website

The Assuring Your Wishes resource for Advance Directives

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