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Tummy time

Tummy time is a colloquial term for time used to encourage parents to ensure their babies spend time on their stomachs. Experts from organisations like the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists state that that babies need to spend time on their stomachs. This helps to strengthen their posterior neck muscles and helps babies reach milestones like crawling faster. Though babies who do not spend time on their stomachs eventually catch up physically, physiotherapists say the first few months of life are an important time for babies to start to become aware of their bodies and begin to learn movement and balance.

Additional recommended knowledge

With the advent of the advice not to place babies on their stomachs when putting them to sleep (in order to lessen the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome), experts have found that babies are spending less time on their stomachs. Parents are now being encouraged to ensure their babies receive tummy time while they are awake in order to counter this.


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