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Transforming Faces Worldwide

Transforming Faces Worldwide (TFW) is an international humanitarian organization which provides free surgery and rehabilitation for cleft lip and palate in developing countries.

Founded in 1999, TFW is the first organization of its kind in the world to provide both surgery and long-term rehabilitation for cleft patients in developing countries, using a multidisciplinary approach to cleft treatment.

TFW was founded on the principle of enabling medical teams to treat cleft lip and palate in their home communities. TFW trains surgeons and specialists within partner countries to treat and rehabilitate people with cleft lip and palate. [1] TFW now holds partnerships with medical teams from Ghana, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, and Argentina.

Over the years, TFW has supported over 2,500 surgeries and over 32,000 rehabilitation treatments for children with cleft lip and palate. Transforming Faces Worldwide is a registered Canadian charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.


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