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Therapeutic relationship

The therapeutic relationship, also called the helping alliance, the therapeutic alliance, and the working alliance refers to the relationship between a mental health professional and a patient. It is the means by which the professional hopes to engage with, and effect change in, a patient.

While much early work on this subject was generated from a psychodynamic perspective, researchers from other orientations have since investigated this area. It has been found to predict treatment adherence (compliance) and concordance and outcome across a range of patient diagnoses and treatment settings. Research on the statistical power of the therapeutic relationship now reflects more than 1,000 findings [1].

Several scales have been developed to assess the patient-professional relationship in therapy, including the Working Alliance Inventory (WAI) [2], the Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory [3] and the California Psychotherapy Alliance Scales (CALPAS) [4]. The Scale To Assess Relationships (STAR) was specifically developed to measure the therapeutic relationship in community psychiatry, or within care in the community settings [5].


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