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The Evolution of the Genome

The Evolution of the Genome is a book edited by Dr. T. Ryan Gregory of the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, covering a wide range of topics in the study of genome evolution. The book includes chapters by 16 authors and deals with the topics of genome size evolution, genomic parasites (transposable elements and B chromosomes), polyploidy, gene duplication, ancient genome duplication, comparative genomics, and macroevolution. It was released in December 2004 by Elsevier, ISBN 0-12-301463-8.

Chapters and authors

  Part I: The C-value enigma

  • Chapter 1: Genome size evolution in animals
by T. Ryan Gregory
  • Chapter 2: Genome size evolution in plants
by Michael D. Bennett and Ilia J. Leitch

Part II: The evolution of genomic parasites

  • Chapter 3: Transposable elements
by Margaret G. Kidwell
  • Chapter 4: B chromosomes
by Juan Pedro M. Camacho

Part III: Duplications, duplications...

  • Chapter 5: Small-scale gene duplications
by John S. Taylor and Jeroen Raes
  • Chapter 6: Large-scale gene and ancient genome duplications
by Yves Van de Peer and Axel Meyer

Part IV: ...and more duplications

  • Chapter 7: Polyploidy in plants
by Jennifer Tate, Douglas E. Soltis, and Pamela S. Soltis
  • Chapter 8: Polyploidy in animals
by T. Ryan Gregory and Barbara K. Mable

Part V: Sequence and structure

  • Chapter 9: Comparative genomics in eukaryotes
by Alan Filipski and Sudhir Kumar
  • Chapter 10: Comparative genomics in prokaryotes
by T. Ryan Gregory and Rob DeSalle

Part VI: The genome in evolution

  • Chapter 11: Macroevolution and the genome
by T. Ryan Gregory


  • The cover contains numerous images of animals, plants, and other organisms, most of which apparently have personal meaning for Dr. Gregory, including one image on the back cover that is reported to be a modified image of his own red blood cells.
  • The timeline of production discussed in the preface indicates that Dr. Gregory began work on this book while still a graduate student.
  • As described in the preface, the book was originally to be published by Academic Press, but part way through production the company was purchased by Elsevier. The former Academic Press editor in charge of the project left the company while the book was being produced.
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