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Subplate neurons are among the first generated neurons in the mammalian cerebral cortex (Kostovic & Rakic, 1980). These neurons disappear during postnatal development and are important in establishing the correct wiring (McConnell et al. 1989, Ghosh & Shatz, 1992) and functional maturation (Kanold et al. 2003) of the cerebral cortex. Subplate neurons appear to be selectively sensitive to injury (such as hypoxia) which in humans are associated with motor and cognitive defects (McQuillen & Ferriero 2005).

Subplate neurons are the first cortical neurons to receive synaptic inputs from thalamic axons, establishing a temporary link between thalamic axons and their final target in layer 4. [1][2][3]. Later, thalamic axons invade layer 4 where they innervate layer 4 neurons. In the visual system thalamic axons to layer 4 form ocular dominance columns and this segregation of thalamic axons is impaired if subplate neurons are missing (Ghosh & Shatz 1992, Kanold et al. 2003) .


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