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Sialogram or sialography is imaging of the salivary glands using x-ray[1]



A baseline radiograph of the required salivary gland would be taken , a cannula then is inserted in this salivary gland duct's opening in the mouth, a Radio-opaque fluid (Contrast medium) then is injected in the duct.

A series of radigraphs would then be taken to determine the flow of the fluid , identify any obstructions and its location , the rate of fluid excretion from the gland.

Usually the radiographs taken are lateral oplique views of the face [2]as Orthopantomogram's are not useful for the purpose of locating the area due to superimpositions and the way they are taken to put the teeth in the main field.



  • Allergy to the contrast medium , mainly to Iodine.
  • Acute salivary gland infections


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