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Ship Foot

Ship Foot is a condition where the toenail becomes bruised , usually as a result of a heavy impact or injury. Whilst it is called "ship foot", it should be noted that it is by no means restricted to sailors. Anyone who does work involving lifting goods or playing a lot of sports is susceptible to the complaint. The origin of the term is believed to be as a result of the injuries often sustained by the cannon crew of British gun ships in the late 18th Century whereby a recoiling cannon could cause serious injury to a sailor's misplaced foot.


Ship Foot most commonly is diagnosed by a discolouration of the toenail, usually a dark red or black colour. The condition is bruising or trapped blood under the nail. Blisters and cracked skin may also occur.


There is no set treatment other than rest. The toenail has to be allowed to grow out completely before the discolouration will disappear. In extreme cases the toenail will fall off completely and a new nail will begin to grow.

Avoid strenuous physical exercise especially involving the feet until the bruising has reduced. Keep the feet clean and ensure you keep your toenails short, cutting them often.

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