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Salmonid susceptibility to whirling disease

This page tabulates susceptibility of various salmonids to whirling disease.

Susceptibility* to whirling disease among salmonids
Genus Common Name Score
Oncorhynchus Rainbow trout3
Steelhead trout3
Cutthroat trout
Yellowstone cutthroat2
Westslope cutthroat2
Colorado River cutthroat2
Rio Grande cutthroat2
Greenback cutthroat2
Chinook salmon2
Sockeye salmon3
Chum salmon1 S
Pink salmon1 S
Cherry salmon1 S
Coho salmon1
Salvelinus Brook trout2
Dolly Varden1 S
Bull trout1
Lake trout0 S
Salmo Atlantic salmon2 S
Brown trout1
Prosopium Mountain whitefish 2 S
Thymallus European grayling2 S
Arctic grayling0
Hucho Danube salmon3
*Susceptibility as defined in laboratory or exposure to M. cerebralis at vulnerable life stages. ^Score of 0-3 or S:
0=resistant, no spores develop;
1=partial resistance, clinical disease rare and develops only when exposed to very high parasite doses.

2=susceptible, clinical disease common at high parasite doses, but greater resistance to disease at low doses.
3=highly susceptible, clinical disease common.
S=susceptibility is unclear (conflicting reports, insufficient data, lack of M. cerebralis confirmation).
Data collated by Beth MacConnell and Dick Vincent and used with permission of the Whirling Disease Initiative, which funded the study.

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