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Rock tripe

Rock tripe
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Family: Umbilicariaceae
Genus: Umbilicaria

Umbillicaria americana (Frosted rock tripe)
Umbillicaria angulata
Umbillicaria aprina
Umbillicaria arctica
Umbillicaria caroliniana
Umbillicaria cinereorufescens
Umbillicaria crustulosa
Umbillicaria cylindrica
Umbillicaria decussata
Umbillicaria deusta
Umbillicaria havaasii
Umbillicaria hirsuta
Umbillicaria hyperborea (Blistered rock tripe)
Umbillicaria krascheninnikovii (Salty rock tripe )
Umbillicaria lambii
Umbillicaria leiocarpa
Umbillicaria lyngei
Umbillicaria mammulata
Umbillicaria muehlenbergii
Umbillicaria nylanderiana
Umbillicaria phaea
Umbillicaria polyphylla
Umbillicaria polyrrhiza
Umbillicaria proboscidea
Umbillicaria rigida
Umbillicaria scholanderi
Umbillicaria terrefacta
Umbillicaria vellea (Alpine rock tripe)
Umbillicaria virginis

  Rock tripe is a lichen of the genus Umbilicaria that grows on rocks. It can be found throughout northern parts of North America such as New England and the Rocky Mountains. It is edible when properly prepared and has been used as a food source in extreme cases when other food sources were unavailable, such as by early American northern explorers. It is commonly used as foods in East Asia.


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