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Renal Association

The Renal Association is a British professional organisation of nephrologists (specialists in nephrology or kidney disease). It was founded in 1950 by Arthur Arnold Osman after the example of the French Societé de Pathologie Renale.[1] The current president is Professor Peter Mathieson.[2] It has loose alliances with its pedriatic counterpart, the British Association For Paediatric Nephrology, and with the Royal Colleges of Physicians. It cooperates closely with the National Service Framework for kidney disease, currently led by Dr Donal O'Donoghue, the "Tsar" for Renal Services in the UK.[3]

In 2005 the association published, together with the RCP of London, national guidelines on the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD), which led to the routine reporting of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) by most National Health Service laboratories.[4] In 2007 it participated in a consensus conference on the management of early CKD.[5]


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