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Rebecca Lancefield

Rebecca Craighill Lancefield (January 5, 1895 - March 3, 1981) was a prominent American microbiologist. She is most famous for her serological classification of streptococcal bacteria.[1] This is based upon the carbohydrate composition of bacterial antigen.[2] The Lancefield classification system is still used internationally today.


She was born at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, New York. She was educated at Wellesley College, Massachusetts and Columbia University, New York. At Columbia, she gained her Ph.D. in 1925. Eventually, she became professor of microbiology at Columbia University from 1958-1965. For much of her professional career she carried out research at the famous Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. In 1973 she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Science (honoris causa) by this institution.


  • Group A - Streptococcus pyogenes
  • Group B - Streptococcus agalactiae
  • Group C - Streptococcus equisimilis, Streptococcus equi, Streptococcus zooepidemicus, Streptococcus dysgalactiae
  • Group D - Enterococci, Streptococcus bovis
  • Group E - Streptococcus milleri and mutans
  • Group F -
  • Group G - Streptococcus canis, Streptococcus dysgalactiae
  • Group L - Streptococcus dysgalactiae
  • Group R&S - Streptococcus suis


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