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Radial tunnel syndrome

Radial Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the radial nerve becomes swollen and frictions within the tunnel of muscles through which it passes in the forearm and also behind the elbow, called 'double entrapment'.

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Radial Tunnel Syndrome is often misdiagnosed as tennis elbow, or epicondylitis and is a type of (repetitive strain injury (RSI), often diagnosed in computer keyboard users, musicians, truck drivers and other occupations. Ceasing activities which caused or aggravates the condition is prescribed. Cases are known to last from two weeks to over four years and can in some cases be permanent.

Pain management and cure of Radial Tunnel Syndrome by acupuncture is often cited by sufferers. Historically, consumption and topical application of blackstrap mollasses has been used for arthritis, rheumatism, trauma and RSI including Radial Tunnel Syndrome.

Corticosteroids, or Cortisone, is the most typical of recommended treatments for Radial Tunnel Syndrome, as is common for epicondylitis or other tendonitis-type afflictions. Cortisone, though potentially toxic, potentially inaccurately administered, remains medical professional's affordable preference.

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