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Quintiles Transnational
HeadquartersResearch Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Key peopleDennis Gillings, Chairman & CEO
John Ratliff Executive VP & COO
IndustryContract Research Organization
Pharmaceutical Service Consulting
ProductsSupport services for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies and individuals
RevenueUS$1.9 billion (2005)
Employees~ 17,000 (2005)

Quintiles Transnational Corp. is a contract research organization which serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries.

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Quintiles was founded in 1982 by Dennis Gillings and as of 2007 it has 18,000 employees.


Headquartered near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Quintiles has offices in more than 50 countries.


The company provides support services for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies through its Development, Commercial and Partnering solutions groups.


Quintiles performs routine and non-routine research for companies engaged in drug development. Such research includes services and facilities necessary for Phase I, II, III and IV trials.

Quintiles' product development services group provides clinical research aimed at regulatory approval, and post-launch research and consulting on product safety and value. Quintiles Product Development includes the following:

  • Phase I Services for early-phase human drug development.
  • Global Clinical Development Services, encompassing all Phase II-IV trial services, such as clinical trial management, medical and regulatory affairs, biostatistics, patient recruitment, ECG services, and drug safety and strategic research.
  • Global Central Labs to support all phases of clinical trials.
  • Global Data Management to capture, analyze and report patient-related data.
  • Global Consulting on product development; reimbursement and pricing; health outcomes; regulatory compliance (e.g., FDA enforcement, quality systems); and due diligence for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.
  • Medical Education involving the development and delivery of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for health care practitioners.


Quintiles provides facilities and services necessary to release a drug onto the market and market it thereafter. These include elements such as pricing, due diligence, sales force training and recruitment, advertising to medical staff, and other functions.

Quintiles' commercial division, INNOVEX®, is responsible for sales force and medical communication services including:

  • Sales solutions, including the recruitment, training and deployment of customer- or Innovex-managed primary and secondary sales teams; health management services; and vacancy management.
  • Medical communications to promote physician education and communications programs, including symposia, exhibition support at major scientific congresses, advisory boards and publication planning.

Partnering Solutions

Quintiles provides advice on portfolio development and company growth, and provides funding and investment advice for existing and developing biotech and pharma companies through its NOVAQUEST® strategic partnering solutions group.

Novaquest helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimize portfolio development, company growth and profits through innovative, tailored financial and strategic solutions including:

  • Structured finance: tailored financial solutions for customers needing financial support via funding, development or commercialization services.
  • Strategic resourcing: long-term, strategic outsourcing or insourcing relationships that reduce fixed costs and increase resource flexibility.
  • eBio: Specialized strategic and financial solutions for emerging biotech and pharma companies.
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