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HeadquartersVenlo, The Netherlands (Holding)

Germantown, Maryland/USA (North American headquarters)

Hilden, Germany (European headquarters)
Key peoplePeer M. Schatz, CEO, Chairman Managing Board

QIAGEN (NASDAQ: QGEN, FWB: QIA) provides technologies for research in life sciences, applied testing and molecular diagnostics. The enterprise was founded in 1984 by scientists of the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf, Germany. In 1996, QIAGEN became a Dutch holding, QIAGEN N.V., which now holds affiliates in 16 countries. Also in 1996, QIAGEN's shares were first listed at the technology-focused US stock exchange NASDAQ (using ticker QGEN) and subsequently, in 1997, at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where QIAGEN shares are now traded with ticker symbol QIA in the Prime Standard of the TecDAX.

Additional recommended knowledge

Sample and assay technologies

In biotechnology, biological sciences and research in general but also in a range of certain diagnostic procedures it is often necessary to separate and purify specific biomolecules such as nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) or proteins from other cellular components of biological speciemens prior to further usage. QIAGEN has developed standardized procedures and technologies for this process for scientific research as well as for diagnostic procedures in the clinics and at the doctors.

QIAGEN also is a supplier for assay technologies enabling the targeted analysis of genetic material. These assay technologies are in use in academic and industrial research to gain scientific data and insight, develop new therapies and identify diseases or infections based on their genetic footprints, for example of bacteria or viruses. Further, those assays are used in veterinary medicine, food control or in fighting biological warfare agents and again replace old-fashioned, slower technologies or enable analysis where dedicated tools have been missing so far. These specific analysis systems are now also used by police laboratories.

QIAGEN offers more than 5000 products and automation platforms dedicated to handling and analyzing biological samples. The products are distributed to more than 42 countries worldwide. QIAGEN holds more than 1,000 patents. As of 5 June 2007, QIAGEN had approxitely 2600 staff worldwide, with a considerable increase following their acquisition of Digene. 750 of those 2600 are located at its headquarters in Hilden, Germany. The number of staff has also grown due to a number of accquisitions of other businesses.

QIAGEN also has a number of sales and marketing partnerships such as with Whatman since May 2007 to add complementary products to their sample and assay technologies and products.

Members of executive committee

  • Chief Executive Officer: Peer Schatz
  • Senior Vice President Global Sales: Bernd Uder,
  • Senior Vice President Global Research & DevelopmentDr. Joachim Schorr
  • Chief Financial Officer Member of the Executive Committee: Roland Sackers
  • Vice President Automated Systems: Dr. Michael Collasius
  • Vice President Global Operations: Douglas Liu
  • Vice President Corporate Business Development: Dr. Ulrich Schriek
  • Vice President Marketing & Strategy: Dr. Thomas Schweins
  • Vice President Global Human Resources: Gerhard Sohn
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