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Prostaderm is the name given to an herbal transdermal patch specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Hypertrophy, Prostatitis and other prostate disorders. It is applied to the navel to enable absorption down the Conception Vessel[1] and directly to the prostate.

A full course of use is 2 weeks: 5 days wearing the patch, 3 days off and another 5 on for two cycles.

Prostaderm was invented by Dr. James M Chin.



The ingredients of Prostaderm include the following: Chinese dittany root/dictamnus root (Bai Xian Pi)[2], Myrrh (Mo Yao)[3], Clove flower bud (Ding Xiang)[4], Fennel fruit (Xiao Hui Xiang)[5], Corydalis herb (Dai Ding), Broomrape stem (Dai Yuen), Musk[6]



The majority of the users find relief 2-3 days after wearing patch. Others may require the use of a second patch. People with very enlarged prostates may require 3 or 4 patches to obtain relief.

Side Effects

Slight skin irritation may occur at the application site. As with other herbal medications, there may be an increase in blood pressure.[7] Males who are wearing Prostaderm must avoid sexual contact with pregnant females or females who want to become pregnant. [8]

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