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Perineology is a speciality dealing with the functional troubles of the three axis (urological, gynaecological and coloproctological) of the female perineum. The perineologist who is the architect of perineum must have an holistic approach of the woman using defect specific and mini-invasive treatments.

First citation of the word Perineology

"The word perineology represents a neologism. Many specialties have split into subspecialties. From surgery and from gastroenterology derived proctology. The latter needs now an evolution, mainly for its functional aspects. The proctologist cannot restrict his competence to the posterior perineum, as the urologist and the gynaecologist, when evaluating the pelvic floor and its diseases, must take into account the posterior compartment. A unitary view of the pelvic organs function then creates a sort of superspecialty that must open new spaces to the research insuring to the patients more rational solutions. Perineology is then a medical branch of which we probably will hear talking more and more in the future." (G. Dodi, RICP 1990; 9: 113 )


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