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Perineal urethra

A perineal urethra is a human urethral opening that is located on the perineum rather than at the tip of the phallus. Urethral position is an aspect of human sexual dimorphism. A phallic urethra is typical of male anatomy and a perineal urethra is typical of female anatomy. A small number of persons represent exceptions for a variety of reasons.

Additional recommended knowledge

The degree of prenatal androgen effect (virilization) on the external genitalia in the third month of gestation is the principal known determinant of extent of closure of the fetal urethral groove, which in turn determines the location of the opening. When a perineal urethra occurs in an otherwise anatomically normal male, it is referred to as a third degree hypospadias.

Individuals (male and female) with a perineal urethra generally prefer to urinate sitting down or squatting, but may find it comfortable to urinate standing up with assistance from the fingers or with a special device.

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