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November Coalition

November Coalition
FounderNora Callahan
HeadquartersColville, Washington
Key peopleMartha Christman,Tom Murlowski
Area servedUnited States
FocusEnding War on Drugs, protect prisoners' rights

  The November Coalition is a non-profit grassroots organization, founded in 1997, which fights against the War on Drugs and for the rights of the prisoners incarcerated as the effect of that war. It publishes a bulletin called Razor Wire.

Tyrone Brown

The November Coalition was involved in the advocacy for Tyrone Brown's release.[1] Brown, an African American Texan, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for smoking marijuana. In March 9, 2007, Governor Rick Perry signed a conditional pardon which released Brown under supervision.[2]


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  2. ^ Tyrone Brown is free at last November Coalition

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