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Nature Medicine

Nature Medicine
Abbreviated title Nat Med
Discipline Biomedical
Language English
Publication details
Publisher Macmillan (U.S.A.)
Publication history founded 1995
Frequency monthly
Open access subscription only
Impact factor 28.588 (2006)
ISSN 1078-8956 (print)
1546-170X (web)
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Nature Medicine is an academic journal publishing research articles, reviews, news and commentaries in the biomedical area, including both basic research and early-phase clinical research. Topics covered include cancer, cardiovascular disease, gene therapy, immunology, vaccines and neuroscience. The journal seeks to publish research papers that 'demonstrate novel insight into disease processes, with direct evidence of the physiological relevance of the results.'[1]

Founded in 1995, Nature Medicine is published by the Nature Publishing Group, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, and is one of the rapidly expanding stable of Nature journals. Like other Nature journals, there is no external Editorial Board, with editorial decisions being made by an in-house team, although peer review by external expert referees forms a part of the review process.

Nature Medicine is published monthly. Articles are archived online in text and PDF formats; access is by subscription only.

Its 2006 impact factor was 28.588, making it the highest cited research journal in preclinical medicine.[2] It also is among the highest impact of primary (non-review) scientific journals. By comparison, the impact factors of general science journals Science and Nature were 30.927 and 29.273, respectively, in 2005.


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