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National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation, Inc. (NKF) is a major voluntary health organization in the United States. Its mission is to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, improve the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by these diseases, and increase the availability of all organs for transplantation.

The organization's activities include research and training, continuing education of health care providers, patient services, and fund raising. It publishes a number of scientific journals including the American Journal of Kidney Disease and the Journal of Renal Nutrition. The NKF publishes the Kidney Dialysis Outcomes Qualitity Intiative K/DOQI, a comprehensive set of clinical practice guidelines.

The NKF has been a vocal advacate for increasing all forms of kidney transplantation. However, it has published a position statement against allowing monetary compensation for kidney donations and its opponents have accused it of trying to stifle public discussion on this subject.[1]

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