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The MicrobesOnline website is a resource for comparative and functional genomics that serves the scientific community for the analysis of microbial genes and genomes. The website, created by the Virtual Institute for Microbial Stress and Survival (VIMSS) a Department of Energy Genomics:GTL project was originally developed to aid analysis of the Environmental Stress Pathway Project (ESPP) but has been open to the public since 2003 due to is broader utility to the scientific community.

MicrobesOnline offers:

  • Homologs, PDBs, domains & families, metabolic maps and operon predictions
  • Tree-based browser with pre-computed phylogenies for all gene families
  • Build your own sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees from "Gene Carts"
  • Microarray data: up-regulated genes and operons, and overlays on metabolism

See also

Integrated Microbial Genomes System (IMG)

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