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MemoryArchive (formerly, MemoryWiki and MemoirBank) is a wiki website that allows anyone to record memories of notable events, places, people and things considered historically significant. It includes a variety of memoirs, both serious and light-hearted, from first-hand accounts of terrorist attacks to sports events and Chia Pets. As is mentioned on the site's FAQ, MemoryArchive invites users to record memories of "pretty much anything you remember that someone else might conceivably find interesting, now or in 500 years."[1]


MemoryArchive began as a project by Marshall Poe's history class at American University in Washington, D.C.. Its first incarnation used tikiwiki v1.8.5 using the URL in August 2005 and was called "The Memoir Bank."

As The Memoir Bank grew, it became clear that something more user-friendly would be needed to make navigation easier. In October 2005, all content from the original site was moved to, and powered by MediaWiki v1.5.0. Later the name was changed to MemoryArchive and the url address is now .

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