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Marshall-Smith syndrome

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Marshall-Smith syndrome

Discovered in 1971 (Marshall, Graham, Scott, Boner, & Smith). Marshall-Smith Syndrome is characterized by unusual accelerated skeletal maturation (usually starting before birth) and symptoms like conspicuous physical characteristics, respiratory difficulties, and mental retardation. Cases described in the literature show a clinical variabililty regarding related symptoms. For instance, respiratory difficulties are ranging from absent to severe difficulties. See: clinical synopsis).


Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders


The syndrome is a rare clinical disorder [1].

  • Online Mendelian inheritance in man - MARSHALL-SMITH SYNDROME
  • Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders
  • Marshall-Smith syndrome


An extended synopsis can be found at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM): clinical synopsis.

Health and screening

  • Clinical course
    • Respiratory difficulties (like upper airway obstruction as observed in [4])). (Note regarding clinical variabililty: respiratory difficulties might be absent[4].)
    • Pneumonia [3]
    • Failure to thrive [3]
    • Psychomotor retardation [3]

Respiratory complications are often cause of death in early infancy. [5]


See for example sections Case report and Research.

Note: Due to complicated medical treatment of symptoms (sometimes in parallel involving several hospitals, medical divisions, and specialists), preventive actions on easily treatable, minor issues can easily be overlooked.


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After the first discovery and description of Marshall-Smith syndrome in 1971, research to this rare syndrome has been carried out.

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More references to research can be found at:

  • Online Mendelian inheritance in man - MARSHALL-SMITH SYNDROME
  • Or by searching via: PubMed

Case reports

  • Difficult airway in a patient with Marshall-Smith syndrome


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  • English: Marshall-Smith syndrome
  • Français: Le syndrome de Marshall-Smith
  • Italiana: Sindrome di Marshall-Smith
  • Nederlands: Marshall-Smith syndroom
  • Russian: Синдром Маршалла-Смита


  • MSS
  • Periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and adenitis (PFAPA syndrome, see also: Periodic fever syndrome)
  • Greig's syndrome or Polysyndactyly cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome [13]
  • Accelerated skeletal maturation, Marshall-Smith type [14]

Related syndromes

Marshall-Smith syndrome is not to be confused with:

  • Marshall syndrome
  • Weaver-Smith syndrome (Dutch)

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