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List of surgeons

Below follows a list of surgeons:

  • David Hayes Agnew
  • Christiaan Barnard, cardiac surgery, first heart transplantation
  • Norman Bethune (1890-1939), battlefield surgery.
  • Theodor Billroth, stomach resection
  • John Ronald Brown (1922- ). A notorious incompetent, convicted of second-degree murder after the death of a patient.
  • Ben Carson
  • Victor Chang
  • William Cheselden
  • Realdo Colombo (c. 1516-1559)
  • Abraham Colles (1773-1843)
  • Denton Cooley
  • Astley Cooper
  • John Green Crosse, MD, FRCS, FRS (1790 to 1850), Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
  • Harvey Cushing, neurosurgery
  • Michael E. DeBakey, cardiac surgery
  • William DeVries, first permanent artificial heart transplant
  • Clinton Thomas Dent, (1850-1912)
  • Evenor (3rd century BC)
  • Walter Freeman ,lobotomy
  • Svyatoslav Fyodorov (1927-2000), creator of radial keratotomy
  • John Heysham Gibbon (1903-1973), first open heart surgery
  • Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgery
  • Sir Victor Horsley, neurosurgery
  • John Hunter, first aneurysm operation
  • Gavril Ilizarov a Russian orthopedic surgeon who invented the procedure to lengthen or reshape limb bones.
  • William Jardine
  • Wilbert Keon
  • Gerhard Küntscher
  • Sir William Lawrence (biologist)
  • Lars Leksell, neurosurgery, inventor of radiosurgery
  • William Macewen, general surgery and neurosurgery
  • Walter Karl Koch
  • Joseph Lister, discoverer of surgical asepsis
  • Robert Liston
  • Joseph Pancoast, 19th century American surgeon
  • Norman Bethune - Canadian thoracic surgeon and humanitarian, early proponent of universal health care and inventor of the first practical mobile blood transport unit.
  • Hiram Polk
  • Lall Sawh, C.M.T., F.R.C.S.(Edin.). Kidney transplantation pioneer in the Caribbean and Latin America. Early proponent of Viagra.
  • Sushruta
  • Robert B. Salter, orthopedic surgery
  • Ferdinand Sauerbruch, thoracic surgery
  • George H. Tichenor
  • Sid Watkins, neurosurgeon and former Formula One chief medic
  • Michael Woodruff, transplantation pioneer.
  • Magdi Yacoub, heart and lung transplants
  • Gazi Yaşargil, founder of micro-neurosurgery
  • Robert M. Zollinger

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