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List of pharmacy organizations in the United Kingdom

This article is a list of pharmacy organizations in the United Kingdom.

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  • Academic Pharmacy Group
  • Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Advisory Group on the Reform of the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 1992
  • All-Party (Parliamentary) Pharmacy Group (APPG)
  • Army Primary Healthcare Service, Ministry of Defence
  • Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Association of Independent Multiple pharmacies (AIMp)
  • Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK


  • Bandolier
  • Boots Pharmacists' Association
  • British Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • British Oncology Pharmacy Association
  • British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group
  • British Pharmaceutical Students' Association
  • British Pharmacopoeia Commission
  • British Society for the History of Pharmacy


  • Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
  • Clinical Audit Unit, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • Cochrane Collaboration
  • College of Pharmacy Practice
  • Commission on Human Medicines
  • Committee for Safety of Medicines
  • Company Chemists' Association
  • Consumer Health Information Centre (CHIC)


  • Department of Health
  • Drug Education Forum
  • Drug Delivery Research Network UK
  • DrugScope (a leading independent centre of expertise on drugs in the UK)
  • DrugsUK
  • Drugs Directorate, Metropolitan Police Service


  • electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC)


  • Foreign Office Travel Safety Advice


  • Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists



  • Institute of Pharmacy Management International
  • Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence (ISDD) - now DrugScope, see above


  • Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group



  • London, Eastern & South East Specialist Pharmacy Services, National Health Service
  • London Pharmacy Education & Training (LPE&T), National Health Service



  • National Association of Primary Care
  • National Association of Women Pharmacists
  • National electronic Library for Medicines (NeLM) (formerly known as DrugInfoZone; part of the National electronic Library for Health (NeLH))
  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • National Patient Safety Agency
  • National Pharmaceutical Forum
  • National Pharmacy Association (NPA)
  • National Prescribing Centre
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group
  • NES: NHS Education for Scotland (Pharmacy)
  • NHS Confederation
  • NHS Medicines Information (MI) Service
  • NHS Pharmacy Education and Development Committee
  • Northern and Yorkshire Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre
  • Northern Ireland Centre for Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Education and Training



  • Parenteral Society
  • Pharmaceutical Analytical Sciences Group
  • Pharmaceutical & General Provident Society (P&GPS)
  • Pharmaceutical Contractor's Committee (Northern Ireland)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Task Force (PICTF) (part of the Department of Health)
  • The Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association (PIPA) (previously known as AIOPI - Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Pharmaceutical Press - RPSGB
  • Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC)
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
  • Pharmacists' Defence Association (PDA)
  • Pharmacy Community Care Liaison Group
  • Pharmacy Misuse Advisory Group
  • PharmacyHealthLink (charity)
  • Prescription Pricing Authority (PPA)
  • Primary Care Pharmacists Association
  • Primary and Community Care Pharmacy Network
  • Proprietary Association of Great Britain



  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB)


  • Scottish Centre for Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Education
  • Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
  • Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC)
  • Scottish Pharmaceutical General Council
  • South West Medicines Information & Training
  • Sportspharmacy



  • Ulster Chemists' Association
  • United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA)
  • UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC)
  • United Kingdom & Ireland Controlled Release Society
  • United Kingdom Medicines Information Pharmacists Group
  • United Kingdom Psychiatric Pharmacy Group
  • United Kingdom Radiopharmacy Group


  • Veterinary Medicines Directorate, an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
  • Veterinary Pharmacists' Group a Special Interest Group of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain




  • Young Pharmacists' Group (YPG)


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