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List of omics topics in biology

This is a navigational and informational list.

The terms 'Ome' and 'Omics' are derivations of the suffix -ome, which has been appended to a variety of previously existing biological terms to create names for fields of endeavor that are either speculative or have some tangible meaning in particular contexts. Some Omics are well established while others are speculative. The scientific community embraces or rejects each new term depending upon their continued usage or avoidance of the term in editorial and peer-reviewed literature. For further discussion of the origins of the various Omics as a group, see -omics.

The list is organized by the number of appearances in the abstract or title of a peer-reviewed publication indexed in PubMed before 2001 (public announcement of the completion of the human genome occurred in June 2000). This is a crude estimate of the prevalence of a term in the biological community as a whole before the recent explosion of -omics terms. In the list, the first term refers to a biological entity, the second to the expansion of the term to cover a set of such objects in a single physiological compartment (typically but not always a single cell), the third to the field of endeavor devoted to the study of the collection of objects and their physical and/or functional interrelations. Finally in parentheses at the end of each line are the number of hits in the PubMed survey.

detail of an example PubMed search: lipomics[Title/Abstract] AND ("1900"[PDAT] : "2001"[PDAT])


More than 100 PubMed hits (1900-2001)

Hits for 2002 to 2005 (Jan 1 to Jan 1)

  • genome (~24,000); genomics (3,560)
  • proteome (1845); proteomics (2592)
  • transcriptome (904); transcriptomics (96)
  • Lipid; Lipidome; Lipidomics

From 1 to 100 PubMed hits (1900-2001)

Hits from 2002 to 2005 (Jan 1 to Jan 1)

  • chronome (13), chronomics (15)
  • biome (31), biomics (1)
  • cytome(7), cytomics (24)
  • glycome (22), glycomics (37), glycobiology (85)

No (0) PubMed hits (1900-2001)

  • behaviour or behavior => behaviourome or behaviorome => behaviouromics or behavioromics (0)
  • carbohydrates => CHOme => CHOmics (0)
  • chromosome => chromonome => chromonomics (0)
  •  ??? => cryptome => cryptomics (0)
  • expressed entity => expressome => expressomics (0)
  • functional entity => functome => functomics (0)
  • kinase (typically protein kinase => kinome => kinomics (0)
  • lipid => lipome => lipomics (0)
  • molecular complex => complexome => complexomics (0)
  • protein crystals => crystallome => crystalomics (0)
  • regulation => regulome => regulomics (0)
  • taxonomy => taxome => taxomics (0)
  • text => textome => textomics (0)


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