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LifeCell is a biotechnology company that develops and sells tissue grafts and blood cell preservation products. In recent years, LifeCell's sales have grown at an average of 41% per year and profits up to 72% annually, due in part to rising sales of their human tissue product AlloDerm. AlloDerm is used during surgeries ranging from complex hernia repairs to breast reconstruction.[1]

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In 2006, LifeCell became associated with an incident involving the alleged harvesting of tissue from deceased individuals who never consented to become donors. After an investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney, four individuals were indicted. Although not implicated in the alleged conspiracy, LifeCell was the recipient of cadaver material from the aforementioned tissue bank and has been named in a number of lawsuits. The company has pledged to defend itself against the lawsuits and claims it has not received any reports of disease transmission.[1]


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