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Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
FoundedThe Woodlands, TX, 1995
HeadquartersThe Woodlands, Princeton, New Jersey ,
Key peopleArthur T. Sands, CEO
Alan J. Main, VP
IndustryHealth Care
Employees600 (2007)
SloganDiscovering Breakthrough Treatments For Human Disease

Lexicon Genetics is a medium sized biopharmaceuticals company that started operation in 1995 in The Woodlands, Texas. Lexicon genetics changed it's name in 2007 to Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq LXRX) to showcase itself as a full blown biotech company. The company started during the biotech bubble days as a small startup, based on its patented mouse knockout technology.In June, 2003 Lexicon Genetics purchased a privately owned small chemical library synthesis company, Coelacanth Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey[1] and renamed the newly acquired company as Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Since 2001, Lexicon's drug discovery program harmoniously operated between biology division (situated in The Woodlands) and medicinal chemistry (in Princeton).

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