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Jothydev Kesavadev.Dr

Jothydev Kesavadev,[1] MD, Chairman of Diabscreen Kerala, India is a renowned diabetologist based in Trivandrum,South Kerala. Diabscreen Kerala project is part of P.Kesavadev Trust and has already completed more than 310 diabetes detection, awareness and treatment camps in Kerala.Kerala is the state in India with the highest life expectancy; however the tremendous growth in diabetic population has created a real threat to the health and economy of this small state.Jothydev creates awareness on diabetes prevention and treatment through his writings and weekly television shows and radio programs. He is also the pioneer in modern Insulin Pump therapy in India.He is internationally known as the one of the largest users of Insulin Pumps and real time glucose sensing devices in Asia. He introduced telemedicine in diabetes follow up, way back in the year 1998. Jothydev is the only child of the veteran novelist and social reformer P.Kesavadev and also is well known through print and visual media for his diabetes awareness articles and programs repectively.His mother Seethalekshmy Dev is a well known novelist.He studied in the Government Medical College Trivandrum and Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA.He has more than ten thousand diabetes patients on tele medicine follow up; perhaps the largest in the world helping them attain targets of therapy in terms of sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol precluding frequent physical visits to the hospital.Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was recently recognised by Humanity in Unity USA as "Young achiever for 2007" picture gallery [2] He is married to Sunitha Jothydev.His son is aged 9 years, Krishnadev Jothydev(as on 2007) Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev has several scientific publications to his credit and also runs a clinical and research center for diabetes in Trivandrum, South India. {October 2007}

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