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Jean-Athanase Sicard

Jean-Athanase Sicard (June 23, 1872 - January 28, 1929) was a French neurologist and radiologist who was born in Marseille. He studied medicine in Marseille and Paris, and during his career he was associated with Hôpital Necker. As a student, he studied neurology under Edouard Brissaud (1852-1909) and serodiagnostics in regards to immunology with Georges-Fernand Widal (1862-1929).

With Jacques Forestier (1890-1978), he introduced lipiodol (radio-opaque iodized oil) for use in radiological investigations. Lipiodol was injected into a patients' cerebrospinal fluid for myelographic diagnosis and localization of intraspinal cysts and tumors. Sicard is also credited for introducing injections of sodium salicylate for treatment of varicose veins.

Sicard was a pioneer involving his research of pneumoencephalography. He also did extensive work with diseases such as encephalitis lethargica, syphilis and trigeminal neuralgia.

Along with Frédéric Justin Collet, Sicard is credited with identifying Collet-Sicard syndrome, in which neck trauma such as a Jefferson fracture causes damage to the cranial nerves.

Written Works

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