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Human brain development timeline

Homo Sapiens
270 days
Day Event Reference
33 posterior commisure appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
33 medial forebrain bundle appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
44 mammillo-thalamic tract appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
44 stria medullaris thalami appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
51 axons in optic stalk Dunlop et al. (1997)
56 external capsule appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
56 stria terminalis appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
60 optic axons invade visual centers Dunlop et al. (1997)
63 internal capsule appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
63 fornix appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
70 anterior commisure appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
77 hippocampal commisure appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
87.5 corpus callosum appears Ashwell et al. (1996)
157.5 eye opening Kurjak et al. (2004); Campbell et al. (2005)
175 ipsi/contra segregation in LGN and SC Robinson and Dreher (1990)


  • Ashwell, K.W., Waite, P.M. and Marotte, L., 1996. Ontogeny of the projection tracts and commissural fibres in the forebrain of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii): timing in comparison with other mammals. Brain Behav. Evol. 47, pp. 8–22.
  • Dunlop, S.A., Tee, L.B., Lund, R.D. and Beazley, L.D., 1997. Development of primary visual projections occurs entirely postnatally in the fat-tailed dunnart, a marsupial mouse, Sminthopsis crassicaudata. J. Comp. Neurol. 384, pp. 26–40.
  • Robinson, S.R. and Dreher, B., 1990. The visual pathways of eutherian mammals and marsupials develop according to a common timetable. Brain Behav. Evol. 36, pp. 177–195.

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