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  Hogzilla is the name given to a wild hog hybrid that was shot and killed in Alapaha, Georgia, United States, on June 17, 2004 by Chris Griffin on Ken Holyoak's farm and hunting reserve.[1] It was alleged to be 12 feet (3.6 meters) long and to weigh 1,000 pounds (450 kg). Originally it was considered a hoax. [2]

The animal's remains were exhumed in early 2005 and studied by scientists from the National Geographic Society for a documentary. In March 2005, these scientists confirmed that Hogzilla actually weighed 800 pounds (360 kg) and was between 7.5 and 8 feet (2.25 and 2.4 meters) long, diminishing the previous claim. DNA testing was performed, revealing that Hogzilla was a hybrid of wild boar and domestic swine. [2] Hogzilla was part domestic (Hampshire breed) and part wild boar. However, compared to most wild boars and domestics, Hogzilla is still quite a large and extraordinary specimen.[3]

According to the examiners, Hogzilla's tusks measured nearly 18 inches (46 cm), and nearly 16 inches (41 cm), which was a new record for North America.

Dispute with National Geographic Society

Ken Holyoak, the man upon whose farm the boar was shot and killed, has disputed the findings made by the National Geographic Society documentary. Holyoak said that Hogzilla weighed 1,000 pounds (450 kg) when he weighed it on his farm scales, and that he personally measured the hog's length at 12 feet (3.6 meters) while it dangled by the straps from a backhoe. It is possible he measured from end of hoof to nose (while suspended with gravity stretching the animal) rather than from end of tail to nose (as a creature might be measured while alive and in a standing position), which might account for some of the discrepancy between his measurements and those of National Geographic.

"As with any organic being after death, tissues will decompose and the body will atrophy, making actual measurements change over time,” Holyoak said. “Have you ever seen a raisin after it was a grape?” You will also note, in the picture to the right, if Ken's height is an average 6 feet, and compare him to the hanging hog, the 12 foot measurement does not fit.

Nancy Donnelly, the producer of the National Geographic documentary, stated that the scientists who made the measurement had already accounted for "shrinkage" when they stated their estimates.

Hogzilla movie

An independent film maker, Lithium Productions, is planning on creating a movie about Hogzilla titled The Legend of Hogzilla.[4] They have enlisted Chris Griffin, the hunter who shot the hog, to help create the film.[4] Casting calls were made for extras on May 8, 2007 to be auditioned in Tifton, Georgia.[5]

Hogzilla Movie


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