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Gibberella fujikuroi

Gibberella fujikuroi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Sordariomycetes
Subclass: Hypocreomycetidae
Order: Hypocreales
Family: Nectriaceae
Genus: Gibberella
Species: G. fujikuroi
Binomial name
Gibberella fujikuroi
(Sawada) Wollenw., (1931)

Fusarium moniliforme J. Sheld., (1904)
Fusarium verticillioides (Sacc.) Nirenberg, (1976)
Gibberella fujikuroi var. moniliformis (Wineland) Kuhlman, (1982)
Gibberella moniliformis Wineland, (1924)
Lisea fujikuroi Sawada, (1919)
Oospora verticillioides Sacc., (1882)

Gibberella fujikuroi is a fungal plant pathogen. It causes bakanae disease in rice seedlings, by overloading them with the phytohormone gibberellin as its own metabolic byproduct.


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