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Fiona Coote

Fiona Gay Coote (born 3rd January 1970 in Manilla, New South Wales) became the second and youngest person in Australia to undergo a heart transplant. The procedure was performed by notable Chinese-Australian cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Victor Chang and was successfully carried out on 24 February 1984 when Fiona was 14 years of age. The urgent transplant was needed due to a diagnosis of viral-induced tonsilitis that significantly weakened her heart.

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Fiona underwent her first surgery in St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. When she began rejecting that heart, she was forced to endure a second heart transplant, which took place in January 1986.

Years later, after being diagnosed with the heart disease cardiomyopathy, she successfully survived a third heart transplantation, which was performed at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

She later worked as a reporter for the Ten Network, and has enjoyed good health since.

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