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Fertility monitor

A fertility monitor is a computerized device used for fertility awareness. Some brands are marketed only to assist in pregnancy achievement, while other brands are advertised for both pregnancy achievement and as birth control. A fertility monitor may analyze hormone levels in urine, basal body temperature, electrical resistance of saliva and vaginal fluids, or a combination of these methods.


Clearblue Easy

The fertility monitor marketed by Clearblue Easy uses disposable urine test sticks. It identifies up to six fertile days per cycle and is recommended as a pregnancy achievement aid only.[1]


This series of fertility monitors is marketed for both pregnancy achievement and as a birth control method. They measure basal body temperature and use cycle history rules to determine the fertile and infertile portions of the menstrual cycle. The manufacturer claims a 99% effectiveness rate when used to avoid pregnancy.[2]


OvaCue measures the electrical resistance of saliva to determine approaching ovulation. It is sold with an optional vaginal sensor to confirm ovulation has passed. It is marketed for pregnancy achievement only. It is manufactured by Zetec.[3]


Persona can equally be used as a means of avoiding pregnancy or increasing the chances of getting pregnant. The monitor is a small hand-held device that reads results from disposable urine test sticks to determine when ovulation is approaching and to detect when ovulation has passed. When used to avoid pregnancy, it is claimed to have a 94% effectiveness rate when used correctly.

When the urine sample is inserted into the device, the woman's fertility is indicated by means of a red ("fertile") or green ("infertile") light on the monitor.

Persona is produced by Unipath, formed in 1984 by the Unilever group, and is available only in Europe.[4]

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