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Fat camp

A fat camp is a slang term for a type of program where overweight and obese or insecure children and teenagers are sent during the summer to lose weight. They are more gently referred to as a fitness and weight-loss camp. What sets apart a fat camp from any other ordinary camp is that it typically provides nutrition classes, weekly weigh-ins, and many more aerobic-based classes.The general goal of the camps is to enhance the health of the campers and raise their self confidence as well as teach them about how to live out of camp. These camps provide weight-loss results of two to six pounds per week on average. However the more overweight the camper, the more they generally lose in these programs. The effectiveness of these summer camps varies widely and usually depends on the quality of the individual program and biochemistry of the attending campers.

Recent history

More recent programs are scientifically-based and clinical. They help participants change in their behavior so weight loss will continue at home. Behavioral change is accomplished through training and cognitive-behavioral therapy, for which insurance reimbursement is possible.

In pop culture

There have been a number of recent mainstream media pieces regarding fat camp.

  • Several fictional television shows, such as The Simpsons and South Park, have an episode relating to fat camp.
  • Several fat camps have been featured on reality television, including New Image Camp, Camp Shane, and Camp La Jolla.
  • MTV has a documentary titled Fat Camp which follows five teens at an eight week summer weight loss camp.

-Recently, MTV aired a sequal documentary titled "Return to Fat Camp"

  • On Drake and Josh's TV movie Really Big Shrimp "Crazy" Steve wants to provoke himself to get mad, and he thinks about his father. One time he exclaimed, "This is for sending me to Fat Camp!"
  • In 1995, a film called Heavyweights was released, starring Ben Stiller, about a summer adventure at fat camp.
  • There are several books that deal with fat camp as a theme.
  • There are a handful of music groups called Fat Camp.
  • There is a fictional fat camp called "Gallons of Fat" in an episode of Family Guy.

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