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EMBO Journal

The EMBO Journal
Abbreviated title None
Discipline Molecular Biology
Language English
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Publisher Nature Publishing Group (UK)
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The EMBO Journal is a scientific journal focusing on full-length papers describing original research of general interest in molecular biology and related areas. It is one of the most influential journals in its field. The 2004 impact factor was 10.456. The EMBO Journal's editorial office is based in Heidelberg, Germany. The journal is published by Nature Publishing Group, the publishers of Nature, on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Additional recommended knowledge

EMBO reports

EMBO reports is a complement sister journal to The EMBO Journal, providing a variety of short formats to cover topics related to biology at a molecular level. EMBO reports also features commentaries on the social impact of advances in the life sciences and the converse influence of society on science.

EMBO reports is rated as having a high impact factor (7.663), and, like The EMBO Journal, is published by Nature Publishing Group (since 2003).

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