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Dana Foundation

The Dana Foundation is a private institution based in New York dedicated to the support of activities and publications in science, health, and education, particularly in the neurosciences. It was founded in 1950 by Charles A. Dana, a legislator and businessman from New York State, and CEO of the Dana Corporation. He presided over the philanthropic foundation until 1960, but continued to participate in the foundation until his death in 1975.   The Dana Foundation operates the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and a specialized publishing house, the Dana Press. It publishes a series of books, mainly in the neurosciences, and also a quarterly magazine, Cerebrum. Other periodical Dana publications in this area are Brain in the News, BrainWork: The Neuroscience Newsletter, Brain Connections, Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science and Annual Progress Report on Brain Research. It was a key supporter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Other fields of activity are arts education and immunology.

There is also an European Dana Alliance for the Brain.

The current chairman of Dana Foundation is William Safire, noted American journalist, columnist, social activist and presidential speech writer. The president is Edward F. Rover.

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