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Captain Novolin

Captain Novolin
Developer(s)Sculptured Software
Publisher(s)Raya Systems
GenreAction, Educational
Mode(s)Single player
Platform(s)Super NES
Media4-megabit Cartridge

  Captain Novolin is a Super Nintendo game starring the eponymous superhero who has diabetes.

Captain Novolin is the only one who can stop the alien Blubberman and rescue the mayor. He rides a speedboat and needs to avoid the alien invaders who have turned themselves into junk food while eating healthy meals to keep his blood glucose within a safe zone. Players earn bonus points by correctly answering multiple choice questions about diabetes (the correct answers of which are given at the beginning of levels).

The game was sponsored by Novo Nordisk, makers of Novolin brand insulin.[1]

It is widely regarded as one of the oddest and worst video games ever made.[2] Novolin doesn't have any apparent means of attack (he can stomp enemies by pressing down when he jumps, but this isn't immediately obvious), and the player will find difficulty in avoiding many of the enemies. In some cases, it is impossible to avoid enemies without taking damage.

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