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Bufanolides (bū-fan′ō-līd) are a type of steroids. Bufanolides are found mostly as cardiac glycoside aglycones, meaning that bufanolides are bound with sugars to form glycosides (specifically, cardiac glycosides). Bufanolides are toxic, both as steroids and glycoside aglycones.


Supposedly, the term derives from the toad genus Bufo. Derivatives are named replacing the suffix -anolide with -enolide, -adienolide etc.


According to MeSH, bufanolides are classified as fallows;

  • Polycyclic compounds
  • Cardanolides
  • Bufanolides
  • Cardenolides

Note that cardenolides have been classified under cardanolides as well as cardiac glycosides in this classification.

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