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Brhat Trayi

The Brht Trayi (literally "the three great compositions") a the classic Ayurvedic literary work, which was composed, compiled, and edited by Vagbhatta II, under the title Astang Sangraha.


Vagbhatta II compiled the three volumes of the Charak, Sushruta, and Astang Hridaya ,written by Vagbhatta I, into one volume and added his own works. He named this compilation the "Astanga Sangrah" , which means "collection of eight parts". Astang is used for the Astang Ayurveda, the eight parts of Ayurvedic medical science.

The Brhat Trayi is also called the Vradhtrayi/Vridha Trayi, which means "the three old classics".


The Astanga Sangrah is divided into six parts:

  1. Sutra Sthana
  2. Uttar Sthana
  3. Shareer Sthana (12 chapters)
  4. Nidan Sthan (16 chapters)
  5. Chikitsa Sthan (24 chapters)
  6. Kalpa Sthan (8 chapters)
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