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Boone Drug

Boone Drugs, Inc.
HeadquartersBoone, North Carolina

Boone Drugs is a drug store chain with 12 locations in North Carolina and Tennessee.


Boone Drug Company began operation in downtown Boone, North Carolina in 1919. The business was founded and operated by Dr. George Kelly Moose until 1959. In 1939 the business was incorporated in North Carolina. The single store served as a pharmacy and soda fountain; in the 1950's the soda fountain operation grew and a grill was added by expanding into the adjacent A&P Store.

The popularity of the soda fountain increased further in the 1980's and a rear addition to the building was created in order to accommodate 50 people. [1]

Origin of Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

Joe Miller, an owner in the corporation since 1963, wanted a local supply of art supplies and began stocking art supplies in the store for sale. Demand increased and Cheap Joe's Art Stuff began with Joe as the owner/operator. [2]


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