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Body treatment

A body treatment, spa treatment, or cosmetic treatment is non-medical procedure to help the health of the body. It is often performed at a resort, destination spa, day spa, beauty salon or school.

Additional recommended knowledge

Typical treatments include:

  • facials — facial cleansing with a variety of products
  • massage
  • waxing — the removal of body hair with hot wax
  • body wraps - wrapping the body in hot linens, plastic sheets and blankets, often in combination with herbal compounds.
  • aromatherapy
  • skin exfoliation — including chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • nail care such as manicures and pedicures
  • bathing or soaking in any of the following:
    • hot spring
      • Onsen (Japanese Hot Springs)
      • Thermae (Roman Hot Springs)
    • hot tub
    • mud bath
    • sauna
    • steam bath
  • nutrition and weight guidance
  • personal training
  • yoga and meditation
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