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Barathary gland


Barathary gland
Dwight York

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In Nuwaubian mythology, the barathary gland (sometimes seen as “baradjedi”, “barithary” or “barathory”) was initially a gland of the human brain that was later maimed by the Anunna (those who came down in sets of 50) in the creation(s) of mankind when they were mutated from the ape. This gland provided four higher senses 1. telepathy, 2. clairvoyance, 3. intuition, and 4. psychometry, enabling direct communication to the Annunaqi/Elohim/Neteru. Nuwaubians teach that the barathary gland can be reinserted today via advanced medical operation preformed on a sham (UFO) at the submental area of the lower chin. Some Nuwaubians believe that some people have already recovered their barathary glands in this manner.[1]  


“Bara” is the Semitic/Hebrew word for creation or beginning [2].


Nuwaubian leader Malachi Z. York says that humans (other than York himself)[3], are missing an important part of their brains, the “barathary gland,” which once enabled various forms of extra-sensory perception, or, as he would have it, normal sensory perception that is currently disabled in humans.

The Barathary Gland resided inside the Hippocampus area, which is a cavity of the cerebellum.… The Barathary Gland has connections with the appendix and the tonsils. The Hippocampus is the tissue which held the barathary gland when it was once inside Zakar’s (Adam’s) The grandfather of ENOS[4] brain. Although conscious perception does not occur in the cerebellum this is the part of the brain that is responsible for hallucinations. Also the reactions of the cerebellum are unconscious (meaning you are unaware that it happened) and that is why even though the Barathary gland is missing, portions of the gland were left on the nerve endings because total removal would have damaged the nerve from the cerebellum. You had five complete senses: touch (the “senses” you have now only go under touch — light touches the retina to see, sound vibrations touch the ear drum to hear, etc.) mind perception (intuition), mental communication (telepathy), object reading (psychometry), and clear/clair sight – to see into other dimensions (clairvoyance). With the removal of your barathary gland you lost access to the ELOHEEM. Then you became Enosites.[5]

Another Nuwaubian “scroll” adds:

The BARATHARY GLAND Was removed from ADAM And EVE By The Great Scientist NERGAL SHAR'ETSAR.[6]

York wrote that he visited a spacecraft that is preparing to rescue loyal Nuwaubians, and that on this spacecraft he saw representations of barathary glands:

They showed me these little what looked like glass round balls about the size of a pool ball with 1 green light inside and names written on them, floating in this room around this big one about the size of a small car maybe 9x9 it glowed violet and rays of light would touch each green ball, it would turn yellow then blue then red. I knew them to be barithary glands that would need to be replaced if you can visit other worlds.[7]


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