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Virus classification
Group: Group V ((-)ssRNA)
Order: Mononegavirales
Family: Paramyxoviridae
Genus: Avulavirus

Newcastle disease virus
Avian paramyxovirus
Goose paramyxovirus (tentative)

The genus Avulavirus is one of eight genera in the family Paramyxoviridae and contains viruses that used to be classified in the genus Rubulavirus, but which infect birds (hence the name avian rubulavirus) and translate protein V from an edited RNA transcript. They have a hemagglutinin-neuraminidase attachment protein and do not produce a non-strutural protein C.

Members of this Genus

Members of this genus include the Newcastle disease virus (Avian parainfluenza virus 1) and Avian paramyxovirus types 2 through 9. Goose paramyxovirus is a tentative member of this genus.


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