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Aprosodias are defined as acquired or developmental conditions marked by an imparied ability to comprehend or generate the emotion conveyed in spoken language.


Aprosodias have several subtypes:

  • Motor aprosodia
  • Sensory aprosodia
  • Global aprosodia
  • Transcortical motor aprosodia
  • Transcortical sensory aprosodia
  • Mixed transcortical aprosodia
  • Expressive aprosodia – Disruption in pitch, loudness, rate, or rhythm that convey a speaker’s emotional intent. It can have devastating effects on communication and personal relationship. It is less awareness than for aphasia. Partner or family may think they have become “uncaring”

Proposed mechanisms

Aprosoidas are caused by impairment of non-dominant hemisphere, manifested with inability of affective expression and comprehension. Its anatomical location homologous to aphasic syndroms due to dominant hemisphere damage.

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