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Amputee fetishism

Amputee fetishism refers to a context and set of beliefs supporting the pleasure and benefits gained from the amputation of body parts.

The eroticization of amputation appears in the context of sexology as two types of paraphilia. "Acrotomophilia": refers to an attraction to amputation and amputees, and "Apotemnophilia" pertains to self-amputation.[1]

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Acrotomophilia is derived from the Greek akron (extremity), tomein (to cut) and philein (to love). Acrotomophilia is also known as amelotatism.[citation needed]

Internet culture

There exists a vast online community of acrotomophiles who prefer to identify themselves most commonly as “Amputee Devotees”. There are also other common names used such as “Amputee Lover”, “Amputee Admirer” and so on. These names can be used interchangeably. There is a common difference between Amputee Devotees and Amputee Wannabes. Although these are two different kinds of communities, they do interact closely with each other. It is important to realize that just because one individual might want their partner to be an amputee, it does not necessarily follow that they would want to be an amputee themselves. Nevertheless there are some people for whom this is in fact the case.[2][3]

Modes of communication

Language and terms

The specialized two- and three-letter abbreviations used within the devotee-wannabe community logically follow from the types of limb amputations possible.

  • AK: Above Knee
  • AE: Above Elbow
  • BK: Below Knee
  • BE: Below Elbow

The addition of L or R indicates right or left. LBK would thus describe the state of Heather Mills McCartney, Paul McCartney's wife from 2002 to 2006, whose Left leg required removal Below the Knee after a motorcycle accident in 1993.

Single Amputations begin with an “S”. For example, a single amputation of one arm would be called “SAE” for “Single Above Elbow”. If the single amputation were on the left or right arm (Above the elbow), it would be called “LAE” or “RAE” respectively. And if the amputation were below the elbow, it would be called “LBE” or “RBE” respectively. The same goes for amputations occurring on the legs, where single above the knee would be “SAK” or “LAK/RAK” following the previous logic. There would also be “LBK/RBK” for under the knee.

Identical amputations on both sides of the body are prefaced by a "D": DAK would describe a double above-knee amputee. These are also known as "bilateral" amputations, so BAK would be equally valid.

A Disarticulation Amputation involves the removal of bones at the joint by the Amputation of the joint. The addition of L, R, D, or B apply.

  • WD: Wrist Disarticulation
  • ED: Elbow Disarticulation
  • SD: Shoulder Disarticulation
  • AD: Ankle Disarticulation.

The AD amputation is also known as an "Symes amputation" after Dr. James Syme.

  • KD: Knee Disarticulation
  • HD: Hip Disarticulation

The absence of three limbs and the total absence of limbs is described by the terms TRIPLE and QUAD amputee. Thus, the most extreme form of amputation would be a DSD + DHD. A double hip and double shoulder disarticulation, that will leave the person without any stumps, disabling the ability to use any artificial aids.

Within the Amputee Devotee Community, there are trace amounts of finger and toe amputation devotions that can be found. Even though these attractions are equally valid, there is no single, well known system for identifying specific such amputations.

There is also a small group of wannabes and devotees that have fetishes with amputations of the eyes.

RI-Right eye

LI-Left eye


Electronic Surgery (abbreviated "ES") is a term for images (usually from porn sites) that have been modified to make the subject appear as an amputee[citation needed].

Notes and references

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