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DNA Isolation

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dianova GmbH, Germany

We have been providing our research and routine customers premium antibodies, immunoassays and products for molecular biology since 1982. We take the time to carefully consider all your queries and are pleased to support you in selecting primary antibodies, secondary antibodies and detection system more

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Powerful, refrigerated microliter centrifuge made to measure

Speed range up to 15,000 rpm ✓ Maximum capacity: 36 x 2 ml ✓ Energy saving and silent thanks to optimal air guidance and smart fan control more

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep – Enrichment and Extraction of Microbial DNA from Tissue and Body Fluids

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep for the extraction of highly pure microbial target DNA enabling ultra-deep microbiome characterization more

Reliable Components for Medical Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and Pharmaceuticals

Separation and isolation of DNA and RNA ✓ Manufacturers’ first choice for lateral flow and flow-through tests or dipsticks ✓ Sample carrier for sensitive detection reactions more

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  • A bucket full of genes: pond water reveals tropical frogs

    When a frog jumps into a pond, it inevitably leaves behind traces of its genetic material. Using water samples from the Bolivian lowlands, Senckenberg scientists were now able to demonstrate that the analysis of this so-called environmental DNA allows the reliable identification of the frog species more

  • GATC Biotech conducts research to detect cancer in women

    GATC Biotech has started research on early detection of breast and ovarian cancer with the goal of developing a test to identify tumor markers present in blood and link these markers to the presence of cancer. As a partner of the research project EpiFemCare, GATC Biotech will manage sample processin more

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Reagents for Nucleic Acid Purification, Isolation, Extraction and Clean-up

The Beckman Coulter genomic reagent portfolio is powered by Solid Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology, widely known for use in our Agencourt AMPure XP, which uses paramagnetic beads to selectively bind nucleic acids by type and size. SPRI enables our chemistries to deliver high-performance i more

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