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Diagnostic Tests

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miRdetect GmbH, Germany

The number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing worldwide and an early detection of cancer is becoming more and more important. Early detection dramatically increases the probability for higher survival rates and ultimately curing cancer. Furthermore adoption of liquid biopsies for patients with more

Athelas, Inc., USA

A breakthrough new way to analyze blood. Because we utilize Computer Vision instead of traditional coulter counting or flow based cytometry, we are able to maintain a high degree of precision on drop samples. more

Levels Diagnostics, Netherlands

Levels Diagnostics is developing a rapid diagnostic tool that allows medical healthcare professionals to assess the nature of an infectious disease, being bacterial or viral. Our disposable and affordable tool will provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. This tool will reduce antibiotics usage more

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Culture-Independent Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal DNA in Blood, Other Body Fluids and Tissues

Culture-independent, CE IVD-marked diagnosis of pathogens of 200 bacterial and 65 fungal genera in tissue biopsies, blood and other body fluids more

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  • Detecting single molecules and diagnosing diseases with a smartphone

    Biomarkers play a central role in the diagnosis of disease and assessment of its course. Among the markers now in use are genes, proteins, hormones, lipids and other classes of molecules. Biomarkers can be found in the blood, in cerebrospinal fluid, urine and various types of tissues, but most of th more

  • Merck Collaborates with Mammoth Biosciences to Scale New SARS-CoV-2 Test

    Merck announced a collaboration with Mammoth Biosciences Inc., of South San Francisco, California, USA, for the development, scale-up and commercial production of Mammoth’s CRISPR-based SARS CoV-2 diagnostic test. Mammoth’s high-throughput systems will be compatible with both nasal swab and saliva s more

  • Researcher Develops One Minute Coronavirus Test

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Prof. Gabby Sarusi has developed and is now validating a test that identifies carriers of the COVID-19 virus in less than a minute with greater than 90% accuracy and at a dramatically lower price than any other method available. Clinical trials in conjunction wit more

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Diagnostic test

Diagnostic test A diagnostic test is any kind of medical procedure performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease. For example: * to diagnose disease s * to measure the progress or recovery from disease * to confirm that a person is ... more


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